Bluecol_ENGBluecol Antifreeze was originally developed and manufactured by Smiths Industries, the aviation specialists and the name Bluecol was registered in 1934. Bluecol Antifreeze for years was original fill in many makes of vehicles including Jaguar, Rover, Land Rover, Bentley, Hillman, Triumph and MG to name a few, as well as most of the major bus companies and commercial truck fleet operators.
Bluecol 5 Year Antifreeze

5 Years protection

   Bluecol 5 Year Red Antifreeze & Summer Coolant is a methanol free, ethylene glycol based antifreeze and engine coolant, incorporating the latest in Organic Acid Technology (OAT). It offers winter protection down to -37°C, whilst conforming to BS6580 (2010) and VW G-12/TL-774D & VW G-12+/TL-774F. It can be left in the system as a coolant and rust inhibitor for up to a maximum of 5 years.
SizePart codeBarcode
1 LitreBCR0015010373040782
2.5 LitreBCR0255010373040799
5 LitreBCR0055010373040805
25 LitreBCR2255010373040812
199 LitreBCR1995010373043608