Bluecol_ENGBluecol Antifreeze was originally developed and manufactured by Smiths Industries, the aviation specialists and the name Bluecol was registered in 1934. Bluecol Antifreeze for years was original fill in many makes of vehicles including Jaguar, Rover, Land Rover, Bentley, Hillman, Triumph and MG to name a few, as well as most of the major bus companies and commercial truck fleet operators.
Bluecol Aero-Flex Wiper Blade

Flexible graphite advanced wiper blades

   Aero-Flex wiper blades can be used as a direct replacement for the original wiper and the innovative 'retro-fit' fitment adaptors are suitable for use on over 96% of vehicles on the road.

   The aerodynamically designed, flexible Bluecol wiper blades are specifically designed to follow the curved shape of vehicle windscreens. The advanced wiper blade technology covered with graphite and combined with low profile design, offers increased windscreen contact compared to traditional wiper blades.



SizePart codeBarcode
14" - 355mmBLW0145010373047927
15" - 380mmBLW0155010373047934
16" - 406mmBLW0165010373047941
17" - 432mmBLW0175010373047958
18" - 455mmBLW0185010373047965
19" - 482mmBLW0195010373047972
20" - 508mmBLW0205010373047989
21" - 533mmBLW0215010373047996
22" - 559mmBLW0225010373048009
24" - 610mmBLW0245010373048016
26" - 660mmBLW0265010373048023
28" - 711mmBLW0285010373048030
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