Triplewax_ENGThe famous Triplewax range has recently seen a complete update and range extention. This range offers everything you could possibly need to care for your car. Incorporating a wide range of high quality and innovotive shampoos, waxes, interior and exterior cleaning products, a complete Pressure Washer range and Accessories.
Triplewax Car Shampoo

Waxing shampoo

   Triplewax Wash & Wax cuts through all types of dirt and grime, leaving a brilliant shine. Triplewax Wash & Wax not only washes away dirt easily, it guarantees a spotless, streak free and shiny surface fully prepared for waxing.

SizePart codeBarcode
1 litreTCS1125010373035979
2 litreTCS2245010373029510
5 litreTCS0505010373008232


Triplewax Diamond

Wash & Wax 

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