Demon_ENGThe Demon car care range is a series of technologically advanced cleaning products. During the development of these products particular emphasis was placed on producing the highest level of formulations, with durability and efficiency of use. The Demon range allows you to take professional care of the internal & external appearance of the car.
Demon Glass

Active glass cleaner plus anti-mist

   A glass cleaner that effortlessly cleans and polishes all glass and mirrors, leaving a streak-free shine both inside and out. The fast acting Demon Glass formulation efficiently removes dirt, dust, grease, tobacco haze, finger marks, tree sap, bird lime and dead insects whilst also containing anti-mist protection for clearer vision and improved driving safety.


Suitable for cleaning all glass and windows inside and out

Contains Antimisting properties to prevent glass from fogging

Rapidly breaks through dirt and leaves a clean streak free finish

Clean, fresh fragrance

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Demon Glass

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