TcutT-Cut is the world's most respected Car Care brand. Continually asked for by name, T-Cut delivers top quality, with a wide range of performance products for renovation and restoration of car paintworks. From the T-Cut Original formula to the new innovative T-Cut 365 Kits. T-Cut is available in many variants depending on the kind of paintwork, color, condition, age and the extent of damages.
T-Cut Metal Polish

Polishing paste for chrome, copper, stainless steel, aluminum & brass

T-Cut Original Metal Polish will restore a brilliant shine and lustre to most metals including chrome, brass, stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminium and alloy. It will cut through any surface corrosion and oxidisation, even if the metal hasn't been cleaned for years, and will protect against tarnishing and discolouration. Suitable for all manner of applications including automotive, motorcycles, marine, sports & leisure, domestic appliances and general home use. 
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Original Metal Polish

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