Demon_ENGThe Demon car care range is a series of technologically advanced cleaning products. During the development of these products particular emphasis was placed on producing the highest level of formulations, with durability and efficiency of use. The Demon range allows you to take professional care of the internal & external appearance of the car.
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Demon Shine is the fast way to give a great ‘demonic’ shine to your paintwork, with virtually no effort.

   This unique revolutionary ‘Top Gloss Shine’ treatment has been developed by Tetrosyl to provide an effort free way of adding a wax like shine to your car in a matter of minutes. Shining substances incorporated in this formulation, provide colour depth on all types of paint finishes, and the hydrophobic content immediately produces a water-repellent coating.

Simple application methods:
- ‘Pour on Shine’ - Simply add to a bucket of water, pour on and drive off or wipe off for a Wicked Shine!
- ‘Spray on Shine’ – Simply spray on and wipe off a panel at a time.

   Demon Shine 'Pour on Shine' can be also applied by using a pressure washer with a feeding container. In both cases, the prepared solution should be poured on the wet, just washed car starting from the roof, through to the engine lid, trunk, doors and wheels. Hydrophobic substances contained in the product immediately adhere to the paintwork surface creating a water-repellent coating. Shining substances enhances the colour depth on all types of car paints.

Use Demon Shine after each wash to keep the showroom shine to your car.

It's that simple!

PackageFragranceSizePart codeBarcode
Ready to use - Pour on Shine1ltrCDS0105010373041529
Ready to use - Pour on Shine2ltrCDS2015010373037386
Ready to use - Pour on Shine5ltrCDS0055010373041222
Venturi SystemCherry2ltrCSV2005010373057124
Trigger - Spray on Shine1ltrCDS1015010373037355



Demon Shine

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