Triplewax_ENGThe famous Triplewax range has recently seen a complete update and range extention. This range offers everything you could possibly need to care for your car. Incorporating a wide range of high quality and innovotive shampoos, waxes, interior and exterior cleaning products, a complete Pressure Washer range and Accessories.

Triplewax PVA & Synthetic Chamois

   The Triplewax PVA Chamois and the Triplewax Synthetic Car Cloth are super absorbent, hard-wearing, will not scratch and offer a modern alternative to the traditional chamois method of drying.


Triplewax PVA Chamois

   Triplewax PVA Chamois can be used for drying cars after washing and cleaning windows. The material means the cloth is hard wearing and gives it maximum absorbency, leaving a streak and lint free finish. It can even be stored damp in the container and it will not rot.

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Triplewax Perforated Synthetic Chamois

   Triplewax Perforated Synthetic Chamois can be used for drying cars after washing and also to clean windows. The perforated synthetic gives this cloth maximum absorbency and leaves a streak, smear and lint free finish.

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Triplewax Synthetic Cloth

   Triplewax Synthetic Cloth is super absorbent and ideal for drying cars after washing, and can also be used to clean windows. It dries and cleans surfaces without lint or streaking and is resistant to normal detergents.

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