Triplewax_ENGThe famous Triplewax range has recently seen a complete update and range extention. This range offers everything you could possibly need to care for your car. Incorporating a wide range of high quality and innovotive shampoos, waxes, interior and exterior cleaning products, a complete Pressure Washer range and Accessories.

Triplewax Cleaning Cloths


Triplewax 100% Cotton Polishing Cloths

   Those cloths have a super soft cotton construction which is highly absorbent and traps dirt and moisture with minimum effort. It is super soft so will not scratch any surface. Use to polish and give shine to paintwork, glass, dashboard, trim and wheels.

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Triplewax Superfine Polishing Cloths

   Super soft extra fine weave will not scratch and leaves a sparkling, streak-free finish to paintwork and glass.

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5 packCTA1435010373037003

Triplewax Dusters

   Have a traditional, soft absorbent finish making them ideal for trapping dust and polishing surfaces to a high shine.

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2 packCTA0095010373036440

Triplewax Anti-Mist Cloth

   Use on misted windows to remove water and apply anti-mist protection for clearer vision and improved driving safety. Highly absorbent.

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Triplewax Demister Pad

   Very soft and highly absorbent pad. Use to remove water and mist from windscreens and to restore clear vision for improved driving safety.

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